wentworth wooden jigsaw
wentworth wooden jigsaw

wentworth wooden jigsaw

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Sailing to the Tunes: 250 pieces


'Sailing to the Tunes' is an aptly named adult jigsaw puzzle, from Soma Folk Art. The painting is done in Madhubani style, a form of Indian folk art named after the village of its origin.

The image itself is a celebration of sisterhood. It was inspired by Indian mythology, where stories of princesses who would sing and dance in their palace gardens or floating boats. The lady in the middle is playing the Tanpura, a musical instrument that can be found as a whimsy piece within this beautiful puzzle.

We love the vibrant colours and intricate detailing in this Spring jigsaw puzzle, and we hope you do too. The rich blues of the sea and sky, contrasting with the jewel tones of the women's saris really catches the eye.