wentworth wooden jigsaw
wentworth wooden jigsaw
wentworth wooden jigsaw

wentworth wooden jigsaw

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Springtime in Eskdale: 250 pieces

James McIntosh Patrick's style has been compared to Breughel because of his bold colors and attention to detail. Springtime in Eskdale, is a detailed landscape painting of The Crooks in Eskdalemuir, Dumfriesshire which was the birthplace of the famous civil engineer and architect Thomas Telford. This painting by Patrick was completed in 1934 and was to mark the centenary of Telford’s death. In the middle ground we can see people visiting a cottage whilst further back we can just make out a farmer plowing his land. Further back we see a small river at the foot of a line of hills, which rise into the background. The artist’s view of the scene is from a somewhat elevated position looking down at the farmland.