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For more than a century and a half, Reuge’s mechanical music has rung out and it still strikes a chord in people’s hearts. Thanks to Reuge, they can still recall the sounds of childhood despite time’s relentless advance. When one day, a certain period in their life, or even their entire life strikes too many wrong notes, the enchanting tune of their music box is there. Through these sounds, a woman finds peace after work. A man finds total tranquillity, as a sweet tune blends with the delicate fragrance of incense. A child sits quietly dreaming beside a music box as if held in a mother’s embrace, and an elderly woman forgets the weight of her years as her soul dances to the sound of the melody. Year after year, Reuge finds itself at the crossroads of these stories of extraordinary lives. The company is not only at the origin of this extraordinary music but also of the very particular effect it produces. The modern age has not just dressed old sounds in new clothes. It has also raised the question of “why”? Why does a music box calm the innermost self? What happens exactly? Will the sounds heard today embellish, calm or enrich life for yet another hundred years? Will music boxes – the MP3 player of the early 20th century, indeed the MP3 player of the future – improve the quality of life and make it more sophisticated simply because it produces more than just music? Reuge makes that music. It is up to you to listen! That for, Reuge owns very special and specific expertise like the following: A. Movement of 144 notes … infinite wealth of tunes, absolute machining precision, and exceptionally finely finished part.


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