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Art Nouveau Collection.

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Van Eetvalde: Jug JU3/12.

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Raphael Evaldre was a French artist, who was a student of Louis Comfort Tiffany. In Brussels he collaborated with Victor Horta on Hotel Tassel, and encouraged him to abandon the traditional practice of using glass with painted decoration in favor of American glass produced in Brussels by Overlopp & Cie. Evaldre was highly successful and worked regularly with Horta, Saintenoy, and Delune, whilst also completing projects of his own.

The Hotel van Eetvalde was one of Horta’s most prestigious commissions in 1895. Situated on Avenue Palmerston in Brussels, here stained-glass created a harmonious effect as it suffused the light entering the building with a spiritual quality and created an atmosphere of serenity.

One stained-glass double doorway in particularly inspired designer Nicola Slaney. In the two main door panels, organic flowers grow wild and free, with straight stems, that have both sinuous, curving roots at the base, and also sinuous stems at the top which ended in a series of twisting, and interlocking linework to create imagery that could only be from a great artist’s mind. Behind the straight stems, are a series of green rectangular panes of glass, which change to a golden yellow about the flowerheads. The shape of the glass changes too, from symmetrical green panes to irregular golden panes, as the doorway design becomes fluid the higher up the design ascends.

To reflect the golden panels, Nicola chose a clotted cream clay for her design. Her flower's roots are wine in color, while the stems are golden with hints of subtle orange shading, leading your eye to the swirling Art Nouveau flowers at the top. A hint of turquoise brings a flash of brightness to the green, wine, and golden color palette Nicola has used, while the dark base, rim, and handle of this Moorcroft jug, echo the dark oak doorway itself into which Evaldre’s stained-glass is set.

  • Product Width 11.50cm
  • Product Height 30.50cm
  • Product Depth 13.50cm
  • Shape: JU3/12
  • Designer: Nicola Slaney
  • Edition: Limited
  • Limited Edition Size: 25
  • Collection: 2021 Art Nouveau collection
  • Design Window (Style): Geometric & Stylised