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Frangipani and Friends: Vase 164/9.


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  • In 1999, young Moorcroft designers, Emma Bossons and Nicola Slaney were bound for the South Pacific with a brief to find design inspiration to celebrate the approaching millennium. The Kiribati islands would be one of the first places on earth to welcome the new dawn of a new millennium. Their gentle slopes were covered in frangipani trees which grew in profusion. Emma had taken to frangipani flowers in a big way - her eyes firmly focused on one of Hugh’s favorite flowers. On their arrival home, incredible designs unfolded and the Dateline Collection, including a design called Frangipani, was born. But there was more. To Hugh’s amusement, tales of their adventures gradually unfolded. One such event happened in Rarotonga after a day of hiking and research. Fraser Street continues…
    ‘Emma was conscious of something “vaguely green” falling from the ceiling between the girls’ beds. Cautiously, and some would say bravely, the youngest member of the Moorcroft Design Studio knelt down on the floor and peered under Nicola’s bed. What she saw were a large green and red lizard. At that, she screamed loud and long, causing the lizard to scurry under a chest of drawers. In the absence of anyone on call to remove the terrifying reptile, both designers spent an uncomfortable night in the bathroom with a towel under the door, Emma in the bathtub itself, and Nicola huddled under the washbasin.’
    Twenty-two years on, Emma revisits her iconic Frangipani design and marries it with the daring gecko that shared accommodation with two designers all those years ago. It makes for a vibrant, tropical design, loaded with hidden humor and meaning.

    • Product Width 17.00cm
    • Product Height 23.50cm
    • Product Depth 17.00cm
    • Shape: 164/9
    • Designer: Emma Bossons FRSA
    • Edition: Limited
    • Limited Edition Size: 15
    • Design Window (Style): Broad Florals/Animals