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Art nouveau collection

Delune 23/8.

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  • The Glassmaker’s House on Rue du Lac 6 in Brussels, was designed by Ernest Delune for Gruner Sterner, a Viennese craftsman who specialized in stained-glass windows, and who worked himself on the door and façade of his home. The house, designed between 1883 and 1902, embodied the Art Nouveau style with its unusual circular stained-glass staircase window and Art Nouveau frontage.

    The staircase window comprised a large circular window at the top, with small floral horizontal panels below it, which in turn led to a series of square and curved panels. The imagery for the windows was inspired by the floral theme of ‘thought’ and combined detailed flower heads in red, wine, orange, and yellow, curvaceous green leaves and black stems created from fine Art Nouveau lines, filled with movement.

    Designer, Nicola Slaney’s six-piece range, incorporates many of the elements of this iconic building’s stained-glass windows. The lead piece in the range is a framed plaque, that honors Delune with its central flower motif at the top of the plaque, under which intricate panels of flowers in shades of blue and purple are to be discovered. The curving lines of the Art Nouveau style bend in unison, carrying your eye downwards towards a series of turquoise leaves, each tubed with a double line of black tube lining. Each of the five additional pieces in the range has different linework, an homage by Nicola to the fluidity of Art Nouveau, a design style that encouraged individuality and expression.

    • Product Width 11.50cm
    • Product Height 20.00cm
    • Product Depth 11.50cm
    • Shape: 23/8
    • Designer: Nicola Slaney
    • Edition: Numbered
    • Collection: 2021 Art Nouveau collection
    • Design Window (Style): Geometric & Stylised