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Another world: Vase 81/18

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Broad florals, geometric patterns and landscapes are firm favourites in Nicola’s sketchbook. Birds and fish are not. Rarely does the designer delve to the depths of the blue. Whilst fish or aquatic designs by Nicola are a rarity, fish designs on a prestige vase, (and a brand-new shape of prestige vase at that,) are even rarer. For its very first appearance, this 81/18 vase is a canvas to a wonderful flurry of water, fins and flowers in an imaginary subaquatic scene. ‘I used one of my favourite colour palettes for this design- it is similar to the colours used in Talwin,’ Nicola explained. Another World, as the name would suggest, visits the tranquil spaces of our underwater planet, featuring a gentle giant of the water, covered in glistening scales.


  • Product Width 15.50cm
  • Product Height 45.00cm
  • Product Depth 15.50cm
  • Shape: 81/18
  • Designer: Nicola Slaney
  • Edition: Limited
  • Limited Edition Size: 50
  • Collection: A Designer's Score
  • Design Window (Style): Fish & Water