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Town of flowers.Prestige designs.

Prestige designs are amongst the most sought after pieces to emerge from Moorcroft’s kilns and have been ever since the first pieces were made over a century ago.  They are often pieces not only prestigious in size but often with highly intricate, complex and captivating design subject matter.  Due to the very nature of their size, which can be up to almost 70 cm in height, it can take many weeks for a single piece to be made from start to finish. For this very reason, the majority of prestige designs are made to order, due to limited capacity at Moorcroft’s 1913 factory in Stoke-on-Trent, but each piece is certainly worth waiting for, as few can surpass a Prestige Moorcroft vase. 


Due to the popularity of the 2009 House of Flowers plaque, Kerry Goodwin was invited to create a prestige version of her groundbreaking design. While the flowers on the vase remain the same, Kerry has added three additional landscape scenes between the flowers, each with a stylized garden gate. Each scene is different, some buildings have staircases, others have turrets or spires and all are in the Arts and Crafts style with tulips that burst into enchanting violet and burgundy hues as they soar up to the heavens. Each piece is numbered and signed.

  • Dimensions: H 45.00 x W 22.50 x D 22.50 cm
  • Availability: Delivery may be up to 14 weeks

Price 6,700  on special order only