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Architectural model

Supreme Court Washington DC
Where: Washington DC
The American Renaissance movement was an outgrowth of the Centennial Exposition of 1876, which ushered a period of confidence and artistic vigour. 

The nation saw itself as heir to ancient civilization and assumed the image of Greek and Roman Classical architecture for its own.

Palladio’s reconstruction drawings of temples in I Quattro Libri served as a primary source of inspiration for many monumental public buildings erected from 1876 well into the 1930s.
America’s most imposing temple-like structure of this period is the United States Supreme Court by the prominent architect Cass Gilbert. 

With its great octastyle Corinthian portico, the Supreme Court directly references the Temple of Mars the Avenger, a conjectural image of which was first published by Palladio. 

The porticoed temple was a form developed by the ancients to inspire awe.

Dimensions: 17″w x 7″h x 7.5″d
Weight: 4.5kg